Some Frequently Asked Questions

Every client brings unique circumstances, but here is a good first start to the most common questions.

How would we work together?

We would meet virtually once a week until you are sure we have identified the seminal problem behind the symptoms of concern. And we can modify that schedule if your needs require something more or something different.

What does it cost?

Each weekly session is 45 minutes up to 2 hours and typically involves some pre-work on my part as well as follow-up notes or materials. A week might also have 1 or 2 brief phone updates. The cost is a fixed fee per week with a money-back guarantee. If we go one week too long, I'll cancel the last billing.

How long is a typical engagement?

Most problems can be unraveled in 3 to 6 sessions. But you decide when we are "done" and you are ready to take over the project.

Do you provide help by any medium other than conversation?

I can mount an online survey if we need to harvest the experience or opinion of some substantial group in your company. For example, we might need to survey all the project managers, any first-time supervisors, the staff in the Finance organization, or a sampling of the two groups in the merger. We would decide on the questions together. As an outsider, I can guarantee the confidentiality of the respondents as well as manage the data collection and analysis.

What if I want to include my staff?

By all means, have them join us. They can participate remotely via Zoom or all gather in the same conference room to facilitate more discussion. I will focus on our conversation, but I am glad to have others listen in or occasionally contribute. I am not offering to facilitate a staff meeeting or some other group; my focus will always be on our evolving understanding.

Could we jointly conduct interviews with key stakeholders?

Possibly, yes, but I would prefer to work with you on the protocol for any interviews. Then you can conduct them, but I'm glad to sit in and occasionally contribute new questions or explore vague or inadeuate answers.

I can handle any interviews that need to be particularly confidential.

What technology do you use for our virtual sessions?

I prefer to use Zoom for its simplicity and for the ability for either of us to share a screen. If you have a Skype or Webex account, I'm glad to let you schedule meetings from your end.

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